And It Always Will Be!

We believe we are what we eat; what we consume is in a direct relationship with our personal happiness and health. Bringing awareness about the food we intake on a daily basis increases our awareness and passion for cooking healthy meals and ultimately improves our love life by bringing fun into the kitchen.

It's Simple & Fun

About Our Classes


We video record our classes for our upcoming reality TV show. You will get a free video from us to keep this special moment with you forever and share your fun experience with your loved ones.

Our 4-hour (3 course menu) hands on cooking classes are designed to bring fun and romance into your kitchen and your relationship. You can also book your date night dinner tasting with Sexy Kitchen also via Feastly and IfOnly. Our Saturday brunch workshops are held in an authentic Italian restaurant, Paisanos Trattoria and Pizzeria, in Pacifica, CA, right next to the ocean as well as at the Work of Art events venue in downtown San Francisco.

We also offer private cooking classes in the Bay Area and Los Angeles. Call to book your sexy kitchen cooking class and find out how to spice up your love life. 

We offer different style of cooking inspired by design because we believe design is half of the dish. Cooking is about so many things, but mostly about bonding people together while creating unique dishes. We love creating an environment where fun is in the air. Our goal is to leave customers with deep sensual scent memory and unforgettable emotional experience.

Sexy Kitchen sought to solve the problem of outdated, complex, rushed and sometimes boring cooking classes and replace it with an elegant solution that offers passion producing cooking experience.

Whether you are single or a couple, we invite you to join us for a class and learn about our delicious recipes, while having fun.

How It Works?

Our classes are limited to 8-10 people. During the class, you pair with your other half

(or if you lack one, we'll glue you to another sexy single) and each couple follows the steps in our exotic menu. Our experts, the sexy kitchen staff, guide you along the way. Not only we teach you how to blend tasty edibles into perfect melts that feed to your love, but you also learn the secrets behind our culinary come-ons.

We offer a simple, healthy and fun cooking. We use mostly organic ingredients. Our goal is to bring awareness about the food we consume on a daily basis by going over some history facts.

We vote for the team with the most heart-melting dish design and the winners get to take home a "Date in a Box" surprise. 

Finally, after 3 hours of baking love and fun in the kitchen, we wrap up our classes with a sensual meal where we share tastes of everyone's love-creation; toasting this sexy moment with the special drinks you mix together.

UPCOMING CLASSES:  Sexy Kitchen Cooking Lessons & Date Night Dinner Tastings 

ADDRESS/LOCATION: Los Angeles & San Francisco: Feastly and If Only Locations


About the Workspace

Prepare your love dish with fun cook weapons at our locations in the Bay Area and Los Angeles. We can't wait to see you.

Why Join Us For a Class?

There are thousands of companies and Chefs offering cooking classes.  Why cook with us? Here are some of the reasons:

We guide you through the preparation of your your 3 course meal and participants receive immediate feedback.

We ensure every couple has an opportunity to prepare their own meal -- we distribute cooking tasks equally among all participants. We limit our classes to 10 people to ensure lots of personal attention.

We go over food history to teach you the health benefits of the ingredients and how they can improve the couples’ (or singles’) love life. Our aphrodisiac cookbook collection comes from overseas. We got a plenty of entertaining anecdotes that come with your food.

We work mostly with organic food and high quality seasonal ingredients while supporting local farmers and winemakers.

You practice on all steps of the menu and prepare your meals from scratch.

Our goal is to ensure that you remember what you learned so you can prepare your love dish at home.